131 Piece all purpose kit- large plastic case- 1 ea.

131 Piece all purpose kit- large plastic case- 1 ea.
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Be ready for all potential emergencies at home in the car outdoors or on the water. Our new generation of hard kit is developed to save time and frustration in the midst of emergency situations. Supplies are easy to find in our newly designed organizer case.Kit Includes:(50) 3/4"x3" Adhesive plastic bandages(10) 1"x3" Adhesive plastic bandages(1) Knuckle fabric bandage(1) Fingertip fabric bandage(2) 2"x4" Elbow & knee plastic bandages(2) 1-1/2"x1-1/2" Patch plastic bandages(5) 3/8"x1-1/2" Junior plastic bandages(2) Butterfly wound closures(8) 2"x2" Gauze dressing pads(2) 3"x3" Gauze dressing pads(1) 5"x9" Trauma pad(2) Aspirin tablets(2) Ibuprofen tablets(2) Extra-strength non-aspirin tablets(10) Alcohol cleansing pads(9) Antiseptic cleansing wipes (sting free)(2) Antibiotic ointment packs(1) 1/2"x5 yd First aid tape roll(1) 4"x5" Instant cold press(1) Sterile eye pad(1) 6"x11/16" Finger splint(10) 3" Cotton tipped applicators(1) Medium #2 safety pin(2) Exam quality vinyl gloves(1) 4" Tweezers plastic(1) 40 pg. First aid guideKit Dimensions: 9-3/8"x8-7/8"x2-3/4"

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