BAFX Products (TM) - Decibel Meter / Sound Level Reader - W/ Battery!

BAFX Products (TM) - Decibel Meter / Sound Level Reader - W/ Battery!
Product Code: NIKSESM02
Availability: In Stock
Price: N3,400.00
Ex Tax: N3,400.00
  • Measurement Range: 30dBA ~ 130dBA
  • Accuracy Within +/-1.5dB
  • Measures in dBA Frequency- Reduces wind interference on readings
  • Requires 9V Battery INCLUDED!

BAFX Products Decibel Meter, the quality and features you require at a fraction of the price! --------------- Our Decibel Meter is compact and easy to use while providing you accurate readings in a greater range than similar inexpensive sound meters on the market!---------------- Our sound meter can read between 30dBA~130dBa, while reducing the effects of wind noise to produce more accurate readings ----------------- BAFX Products sound meter provides readings within +/-1.5dBA providing some of the most accurate results! ----------------- Perfect for monitoring noise levels in factories, offices, theaters and audio systems --------------- The meter will automatically power off after approximately 11 minutes of use ---------------- MAX Hold Function will hold the highest reading until a higher reading is picked up --------------- Included with the Decibel Meter is ONE, 9V Battery to start you off which will provide you about 30 hours of use --------------- Other great feature are: Sampling rate of 2X/second, Automatic back light display, Low battery indication, Frequency response range of 31.5Hz ~ 8.5KHz

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