Benchmark Women's Flame Resistant Feather Weight Coverall, HRC 1, Navy
Product Code: NIKPPECO102
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Price: N13,000.00
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  • 5.5 Ounce, 100% FR Cotton
  • Hi-Temp Zipper & Snap Closure
  • Seven Pockets
  • Pass-Thru's
  • Back Elastic Waist
  • Back Gussets
  • Women's single-piece protective coverall garment helps protect skin and clothing from damage caused by arc flash, flash fire, electrified wires or equipment, and other hazards
  • Coverall is made of flame resistant cotton that is breathable and weighs 5.5 oz. to help prevent heat exhaustion
  • Snap closure flap covers full-length front zipper to help reduce risk of exposure through the closed zipper
  • Seven pockets for holding tools and other items
  • Waistband with elastic in the back to better position the garment

The Feather weight coverall was developed for the oil and gas industry. When properly matched to the threat it can be used in both flash fire and electrical arc flash applications. Benchmark’s flame resistant 5.5oz feather weight twill is made from combed cotton ring spun yarns, which yields a durable, lightweight and breathable material.  The fabric is non-allergenic, skin safe and will not react with sweat. Code compliance includes OSHA 1910, NFPA 70E HRC1, ASTM 1506, NESC 2007, NFPA 2112 tested and conforms to international health codes for toxicity.The coverall comes standard with an innovative inseam system which allows the leg inseam to be adjusted to short, regular or long by simply folding the hem into place and securing with FR velcro tabs.  When simple care instructions are followed the coveralls will shrink less than 4% and can be either home washed or commercially laundered.  Detailed care instructions are sewn into the main label. Clean garment if soiled with contaminants or flammable material. Home washing is the preferred method for cleaning, since it has less abrasion it will extend the wearable life of your garment. If using a commercial laundry notify them that they are washing a flame resistant garments with instructions on the label.  Home washing instructions are simple and require leaving out extra chemicals. Use normal or cotton cycle washing machine settings with warm water or normal temperature setting. Store bought laundry detergent (i.e.: Tide or All) should be used. Do not use bleach, hydrogen peroxide or oxygenating agents (i.e.: OxyClean) whether separate or contained within the detergent. Do not use lye based, or home-made soaps. Do not use fabric softeners. Tumble dry low or medium heat, avoid over drying and pressing with open steam. Do not use starch. Do not use excessively hard water without softening agents (Calgon) or water softening systems.

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