First Alert FE2A10GR Compliance Fire Extinguisher
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From the Manufacturer

Effective against flammable liquid fires and live electrical equipment fires. If used, unit can be refilled by a certified professional. Designed to meet demanding needs. Easy-to-read color coded gauge provides accurate measurement. Metal pull pin with safety seal helps prevent accidental discharge and discourage tampering. Chemical resistant & water proof label with 4-step instructions won't deteriorate. Bracket and strap are included for secure placement of extinguisher.

Product Description

The First Alert Compliance Fire Extinguisher is a reliable type 2-A10-BC rated fire extinguisher ideal for meeting minimum fire extinguisher codes. This compact rechargeable extinguisher can fight wood, fabric, paper, flammable liquid and electrical fires. Durable metal head designed to meet fire extinguisher codes. If used, unit is rechargeable by certified professionals. Includes code compliant wall mounting hook to keep unit secure. Meets UL standards. Dimensions D x H in. 6 x 17, Rechargeable Yes, Product Type Multipurpose extinguishers, Includes qty. 2, Cylinder Material Steel, Bracket Type Plastic, Strap Type Plastic, Rated UL rated type 2-A10-BC, Comes Pre-Charged Yes. UL rated type 2-A10-BC Extinguisher is rechargeable according to codes Durable compliant metal head Corrosion-resistant metal pressure gauge Metal pull pin with safety seal to prevent accidental discharges Secure code compliant mount Code compliant instructions

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